And a happy Monday to you too.

Never mind that it's Tuesday;
I hope your Monday was grand.
This is mostly a stream-of-conciousness post.
I believe in the law of increasing disorder.
Entropy, snitches. 

Pretty sure I need this dress for summer.
If any of you students don't have an account on Quizlet....change that right now.
How fun are these?
I've wanted blue shoes for...well, ever.
I should've done something like this this morning...but come on, it's my day off.  Also, Jillian scares me. So instead I drank chocolate milk.

This is how I feel lately pertaining the weather.
So guess what the cold gets in my book?

The sun needs to come out so I can stop looking so ghastly and white all the time..

Also, I would like to apologize. Because I always thought that my word-verification-I-am-not-a-robot checker was turned off....but it wasn't. And I know how cussing annoying that is. Accept my apologies. Do it.

I would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Conference (how bomb was that?! seriously. loved it.)

“Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.” - President Uchtdorf 

Prophets speak the best words.


Catherine said...

conference was absolutely perfect...so many beautiful messages. i love shoemint so much!! they have the most adorable shoes. you must have that dress from anthro, you would be absolutely darling in it!...just call me the angel on your shoulder trying to tell you the right thing to do in this situation ;)

Holly said...

Um hi. You have prime taste innnn... Everything. And I want your hair so bad. Amen.

Jenny said...

I just found your blog! I'm having fun reading though.
And you have great taste! Love that dress and those shoes!

Kimberly Taylor said...

looove the Quizlet website. Now I won't have to carry around mounds of cards with me. Thanks for sharing the secret! :)