(a recap brissa syle-esque)

date night.
range rover.
white leather.
indian take-out on the golf course.
jazz tickets ridiculously close.
late talks.

family birthday-ing.
missed you daddy.
city creek. [obsessed.]
roomie love.
cheesecake factory.
windy hair.
random boys
get in the car? ok.
jam sessions.
star wars lessons.

spring break causing family abandonment.
general conference with a friend.
nicely tailored suit.
learning to tie a windsor.
meeting the family.
mini french toast.
sweet potatoes. 
his nieces. 
snow flurries.


kylee said...

love that you did a recap brissa style. you were at city creek this weekend tooooo?! i swear the whole blog/instagram world was!

Lindsey said...

Paige. Girl. How the heck do you get so many dates? Teach me your ways. Please.

Taylor Ann said...

THAT, my dear is red velvet cheesecake from cheesecake factory. I should know... I'm obsessed. omg. crave it probably every day.... embarrassing.