once upon a time I told you that I was a secret movie crier?
yeah, well, newsflash Paige:  you bawl every. single. time. you watch Titanic.
So why would seeing it in theaters be any different?
I was a wreck, guys.
(pun quasi-intended)
When the string quartet starts with "Nearer My God to Thee?"
Ohhhh geez.  I lost it.

but on the positive side....
going so late at night meant we had the whole theater to ourselves.
scratch that, the entire complex.
benefits include:  
sprawling sideways across your cushy chair 
(and his cushy chair too. a girl needs her legroom, you know) 
& adventures in breaking out of the movie theater's automatic sliding doors since they locked up with you still inside...awkwardly waving to the outside world through the glass.  
it happens.

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Kari said...

Dude, that movie is the worst for tears! I feel your pain. But so good and so worth selling my first-born to see it in the IMAX.