The Arrival.

Last Friday we flew from Salt Lake to Seattle to Paris.  The flights were good, but the second leg was 10 hours long, and was it ever loooooong. I sat next to a chipper Asian lady who played temple run half the time; I’m not sure why it struck me as odd but it rather did. We arrived in Paris at midnight MST, but 8am Saturday morning here!

After getting our luggage we took a shuttle…to a bus…to a train…….to the metro.  40 girls hauling 50-100lbs each.  We didn’t get to the hotel until noon, and then we were told we had 3 hours until check in. Leaving our bags, we went for a nice little stroll around the streets of Paris, stopping at the Eiffel Tower and the grocery store.  By this point it’s 4:00 and most girls had been up for 36 hours, so we crashed in the Professors’ rooms until ours were ready. Mine wasn’t ready until 6:30, so I killed a lot of time playing charades with the Professors’ kids.  



On Sunday morning my roommates & I headed off to church (they split us up into smaller groups so we won't overwhelm any one ward) a little bit late.....which turned into a lot bit late. We were still figuring out the metro system and once we got off the stop went down like 9 wrong roads (seriously I LOVE the grid system in Utah).  But where better to be lost than the cobblestone streets of Paris? We got there at the end of the 3rd hour...uh..oops.  We met some awesome French young adult men there. They all speak fluent English, and I daresay they know American geography better than we do.  "Where ah you froom?"   "Portland."   "Ahh, Oreegon, bery nice."    It's insane!  

Sunday night my roommates & I went to the base of the Eiffel tower to watch the lights sparkle. It's UNREAL.  I feel lied to my whole life-- how did I not know that the Eiffel tower glitters every hour like a Christmas tree on LSD?!?  Also, this sounds clich√©, but it's SO much bigger than it looks. We walked home along the Seine and I could just hear Eponine singing "On My Own."







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kylee said...

i feel your 10+ hour flight pain. that many hours should ever be spent on an airplane. the whole time change is so craaaazy, i got used to it quickly in india, but coming home was a different story (jet lag at its finest). a stroll around the streets of paris, that sounds like a dream paige, you are living in a dream! i am DYING over your pictures right now, especially that second one, and of course the eiffel tower one. awesome french young adult men? and they speak fluent english? YESPLEASE. cannot wait to keep reading about your adventures!