April and the bad luck mocassins.

this april has been bursting with color and gray.
color from general conference. color from blooming flowers and caring friends and puppy calendars and new nail polish (obsessed with Revlon's matte top coat).
and the gray. the anxiety. the weather.

totes apologies for wearing my bad luck mocassins again and ruining the rays. 
luckily the canary-yellow bushes are in bloom on campus and my birthday roses cheer up any room.

I think I'm turning into Meg.  Unfortunately I haven't acquired her wit (or handsome husband or wonderful taste), but I'm having a spring fling with nail polish. We'll see if it lasts.  I've heard I'm hard to please.

And partying with my people for any occasion, really.
Birthdays, marriages, whatever floats ya. 

ps my friends allison & hannah are blogging about mormon girls with depression over here

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