Coconutty for coconut TEA

Coconut and I are having a moment.  I might even go so far as to say we're in a relationship.  I'm on the verge of sacrificing all other flavors in the name of monogamy. It began as a small affair -- the coconut fro-yo at Red Mango on occasion-- and has escalated into full-fledged infatuation.  Cupcakes, snow cones, even my TEA.

That there is  was sacred ground reserved for the vanilla and chai families.  But oh, no longer.
Coconut found a way.
Coconut understands.

On the tea note, I'm also having a moment with rooibos. Dash a little milk and toss in some rock sugar and it's practically calorie-free dessert after dinner    for breakfast   any time of day  ALL DAY LONG.

Teavana's (loose leaf)
+ Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos**   current fave
+ Rooibos Chai (caffeine free)
+ Samurai Chai Mate (caffeinated...for the days I'm feeling edgy)

Celestial Seasoning's  (tea bags = cheap)
+ Bengal Spice  ( herbal)


It Started With a Wink said...

I love coconut! I'll have to try it!

courtneykearns said...

I would like to start my own relationship with coconut. Also, if you haven't already, the Tazo Passion fruit tea is Heaven.