because nobody really needs to know all this.

I don't know how I ever lived without knowing how to screen shot.

Go to the snow cone place on University Ave in Provo; your taste buds have never known such snowy bounty! The quantity! (pictured: SMALL)

Nobody on this earth loves sticky notes like I do. Except maybe Nicole Richie.

Last picture together with Sarah as a single woman // first picture as a married woman.

One time my friends and I journeyed all the way to the capitol building just to do an epic "tap dance Tuesday" snapchat.  Because what else are 20-somethings supposed to do on a Tuesday?

I write to a boy.
He is cute.
He is nice.
His hair is curly.
More on this SOON.

I sweat a lot these days. Mom throws more gang signs than normal white suburban upper-middle-class Mormon mothers should these days.

Sometimes I watch children do child things.  They're fun.  We count a lot.

Sometimes my friends and I go to the Gatsby premiere and get locked inside a McDonalds and have deep spiritual conversations and I remember how much I like them.  They should move back here. Hey,  you friends. You should move back here.

My friends that are here are cool though. They're prettier than I am without makeup on. 
That's not as cool.

Fireworks and baseball and churros.  'MURICA. 

also: Italy.

the end.


Emily Jane said...

Love this, and I loooove your Mom's gang sign :)

Holly said...

so you know how you said "more on this later"? well later is now. so yeah. go ahead. go on now. tell us all. also you're adorable and I also now I want waffles.

My name is Lydia said...

That fox shirt is so cute!