somebody buy me expensive climbing gear and be my friend.

January 1, 2013 I made a fitness resolution along with 3235% of the planet's motivated population.
Several resolutions, actually. One of which I might be succeeding at.
That one success story being: move more.
This translates into find more creative ways than running because I can only run for 10 minutes.

Zumba (no).   Dirty dancing in my bedroom (alone).  Trampoline centers (yes). 
Yoga (yes).   Spinning (double yes). 

New favorite workout: rock climbing.
Workout least likely to ever  happen consistently: rock climbing.
Workout most likely to kill me: rock climbing running.

Indoor rock climbing, disco skating (overrated? NOT!), ropes course. 

And way back when, snowshoeing! 

Tip: wear your Hunters. Hunters make you invincible. Hunters allow you to slosh through icy rapid streams in snowshoes without so much as splashing your pants.  Hunters make you a weather goddess.

Also: I'm obsessed with running to this song. 
Reason: Unknown.

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Chelsie Clarke said...

Thats hilarious. The remix of Irish Celebration has been my running JAM for the past 6 months... SOO GOOD! How can you not run for hours while listening to that song?