in which I say nothing of importance but what else is new.

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 My eccentric TESOL practicum professor, Dr. Anderson, with his shiny, balding noggin and tufts of gray hair puffing just over his ears….. he’s just so lovely.  Every day he wears a bow tie.  Today it had a fox on it.  Teachers like him give me hope for our educational system – competent, gifted, passionate teachers.  Sometimes when I'm down on myself I picture his face perking up as he bounces on the balls of his feet, exclaiming, “Yes! That’s brilliant!”  as he is wont to do after any comment made in class.  I wish I could keep him in my pocket. 

I am on a hunt for a worthwhile pistachio macaroon.  They're incredibly elusive. I even dreamed about it last week.  I know when I find perfect one I'm just going to want to give life a fist bump to the face and then buy all of them. So, probably I will.

When I go to Swig I often get a shot of mango puree in lieu of the habitual coconut and it’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

The only music I've listened to since July is The Killer's Battle Born album and One Direction's Midnight Memories.  HATERS GONNA HATE. but really have you listened to this song ? it's so 80s.

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Friend: "You just really like the gray scale, don't you?"   If I'm blacked out I'm likely in a fantastic mood. If I'm wearing neon, I'm most likely depressed out of my mind.  It's a pretty consistent indicator.  #neutralsaremysteez

Urban Decay's Naked Foundation +  Nars Sheer Glow Foundation = finally found a formula that matches my skin tone, type, and gives medium coverage while looking sheer. UGH I'M OBSESSED. (favorite beauty vloggers herehere, and unsurprisingly here.)

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My service-oriented roommate previously has folded my clean laundry and stacked it neatly on my bed -- on several occasions! not just once! more than once!  it's just the sweetest surprise to come home to after a gray day and I'm so lucky to live with the people I do.

 As I was searching the archives of Natalie's blog, I found this description a friend had written about her. And I thought, if I could write a bio about myself, but not as myself, but as a friend of mine, and I was really insightful, this is what I (as my friend) would write about me.  you know?

"Natalie is totally into strong female role models and is one herself. She is professional, courteous, well-accomplished and ever beautiful to the world, though behind the scenes, hopelessly flawed, concerned about every single freaking thing on the planet, stubborn, and at times adorably mistaken. Nat has a giant, vulnerable, passionate heart and is overly in love with whipped cream."


(so eloquent these days)

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