lemon curd and the deep musings it births.

Near the beginning of fall semester, during a grocery-shopping-in-my-parents- pantry session, I asked my mom if I could have a jar of Trader Joe's lemon curd.

Caveat - I had no idea what lemon curd is. Is it sour? Is it sweet? Is it for pie or taffy or is it a dip for chips? I was at a loss. BUT it sounded fancy, like an ingredient in a recipe from Kinfolk Magazine. And despite all the splendor of my whitewashed cinderblock walls and the glamour of being an undergraduate who signed up to spend 897 hours a week working for free, having a touch more fancy in my life made my toes tingle. This was my golden ticket—my ride to domestic glory.  I could see myself in a retro dress, hair perfectly coiffed, trotting around the apartment complex and tossing samples of lemon-curded delicacies to my ravenous and adoring fans. I fearfully clutched the jar, both enthralled and utterly terrified of the unfettered culinary power this enigma of a cooking ingredient contained.

And then the jar lemon curd sat on my desk for 9 weeks until I pushed it to the back of the highest shelf in the kitchen cabinet. 

It resurfaced last week, and my though process was: “I want to take a self- portrait with this unused jar of lemon curd and make some astute observations about how I often put off living life to its fullest, and you shouldn't save things for special occasions because every day is a special occasion! Because that is clearly the symbolism in this cooking ingredient conundrum, isn't it? And what good is a cooking ingredient conundrum without a hearty dose of life lessons?”

As I tried to take a glamour shot in my child-sized (c/o ebay) Killer's tshirt and weirdly form-fitting beanie, I became distracted because, do these pits smell?  And well, I got this.

My life. It’s all very, very glamorous.
I am still bewildered and perplexed by the allure of the lemon curd.
So pull what metaphysical doctrines you will from this. 
Probably just that I need to do laundry.


Lys said...

Lemon curd is one of my favorite things in the world. My mom surprised me with some for my birthday last year, no joke. BUT I've never tried Trader Joe's, so I can't vouch for it. BUT when you make it yourself it is worth dying for.

In other news, you have an adorable blog.

courtneykearns said...


Danielle said...

Ha!! TJ's. Seriously, the places it will take you :)

Shelby said...

hahaha!! oh my word. pretty sure things like this are like half of the reasons i even thing of blog posts. do they ever amount to anything... yeah, no. but seriously, what the heck is that stuff?!

Amy Nelson said...

hahahahahaha I'm dying. I love this.