Eegii and an ambulance ride.

x january x

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oh february, february! february means it's no longer january and the toughest part of winter is behind us. it's always hard to push against January's gloom. christmas is over but the inversion isn't.  my family drew the short end of the stick health-wise: first there was a nasty case of the flu all around, then dad had a kidney stone and a heart malfunction the same week. there he is in the ambulance ^^. thanks for the shot, mom. because, you know, priorities.
apart from that ordeal, this january has been much more bearable than most.  I love my life.

I just want to kiss february right on the mouth. mostly monday.  the smog cleared, the sky was a tender blue, and the whitewashed mountains grew 8 miles taller.

I love my internship. Today I helped a Mongolian woman named Eegii write a beautiful narrative essay about her baby daughter. She told me I am going to be "a very wonderful teacher, yes."  Yesterday I chatted with a Chilean about the coast and his favorite European soccer team, and showed a Korean when an "s" makes a "ssss" and when it makes a "zzz."  I help people communicate. I help them understand jokes, talk about what they love, and express gratitude. I help them learn and grow so they can better enjoy this wonderful life.  And heck if that isn't the most fulfilling action ever.

I was in such a cheery mood after class/work I sauntered to Macy's to buy our apartment fresh flowers. An old lady in a fedora flashed me a gummy smile.  The trip was worth it. Afterword I played with the giggliest group of Mexican children you'll ever meet. It's been over a year since I started working with them and I can't believe what a blessing they've been to me.

oh february. I'm so glad you're here.

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Claire White said...

so glad blogging brought me to your beautiful space! I'm a follower now! and also super jealous you pull of blonde soooo much more gracefully than my bottle-blonde self. :)