8:00am cookie dough

happy rain day!

this morning at 8 I hied to the Creamery in my jammies to buy frozen cookie dough for school. [yes, I am in college and was assigned to bring treats for the class. yes I passed them off as homemade.]   The lady at the cashier gave me the once-over in my Who hair and fleece pjs, buying 3 dozen cookies before 9 in the morning, and earnestly wished me a great day.  She definitely thought it was a breakup day.  One of THOSE. Mmm, not today, not today.

Today is one of these days:

And I love it.  The rain makes me happy inside. Not the same, sunshiny-giddy happy that summer does, but a softer, warm happiness.  Being bundled in a coat, taking in the world from my own space snug under the umbrella..

High-school reunion up in Logan for Halloween.  It was so great to see these girlies again.

Yours truly, Alyson, Zoe, Amy.

I miss Amy, my USU freeenn.

Paige Anderson:  keeping it simple since '93.
My costume took all of $0 and 15 minutes.

Cartel performed, which was freakkkin awesome.

hoping your weekend & rainy day was as great as mine!

all my love


kylee said...

love that you made breakfast with that boy! alsooo is miss little cleopatra alyson morley?! i totally know her! her family lives just down the street from mine!

Lauren-Ella said...

sooo jealous of your french toast!



hey aster photography said...

hey. Thanks for checking out my blog! I love your french toast, lol.
Ashley with Hey Aster Photogoraphy

Caroline said...

Haha that must of funny with the lady in the store when you were buying the cookie dough! It looks like you had a fun halloween! :) x

Paige Andy said...

Yes Kylee, it is Alyson! What a small world.