a present sent abroad.

The Christmas package I sent to my missionary in Mexico included his favorite kinds of things:
snickers, peanut butter, church CDs, pranks, letters & such.

Two things that I am particularly proud of:
(because they required me to be crafty. FYI--I'm not crafty. I have not one domestic particle.)

1) skinny tie to match those baby blues with an important date embroidered on the back. 
2) deck of cards with 52 things I love about him written on the back
(thank you, pinterest)

Took it to the post office the week of Thanksgiving.
I just hope he gets it in time.
all my love.


Bailey said...

I LOVE that idea!


kylee said...

could your handwriting on those cards be any cuter? seriously though. if it wasn't weird to ask you to chop your hand off and give it to me so i could write like you i would.

Prixie said...

I love your handwriting and I must say, those are very thoughtful gifts! I am sure he will be so touched.

Holly said...

#1. CUTEST Idea. I just might steal it. bless that Pinterest.
#2. FLAWLESS handwriting!!