nineteen candles.

Yesterday I turned nineteen years old.
& I was reminded that I'm the luckiest girl on the entire planet.
Sometimes I forget that, and I really shouldn't.

It started with Momma driving down for a Jamba breakfast, my showing her Desky (the trusty study terminal), and free cotton candy before 11a.m.  Because when it's your birthday you're allowed to have a blue tongue by lunch.  (Nineteen? I'm still a child, let's be honest.)

Lunch/ice cream with one of my favorite fellas :: beautiful spring weather
package from my best friend of 7 years on a mission ::  music box from Mrs. Richie's Mom

Flowers from México  :)

& a freakin awesome roomie present.
(read: signed photo for the shelf over my bed. of her. dry shampoo/scrunchies/blonde bobby pins/detangler for my homeless child hair...hi chews...chocolate milk...special k fruit and yogurt...odwalla..stride gum....she knows the way to my heart way too well!) 

sweet best friends that satisfy my cravings
great waiter that gives us free dessert.
"I always believe in dessert on your birthday," he said.

Incredible roommates that made sure I had an awesome day:
better-than-sex cake, special treatment and all.
Shoutout to my girls of 224!

I am so blessed and so grateful for the wonderful people in my life.  
They are examples to me every day.
What an awesome way to spend a birthday.

Now I'm headed home for a few days.
Let the family celebrations continue!

P.S.   I'll be watching General Conference -- you should too! It's amazing!
Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Chelsie Clarke said...

WOOOOO! Looks like you had a full birthday m'dear! Happiest 19th to you gorgeous girl!

Catherine said...

you are so gorgeous!! looks like a perfect 19th birthday!! hope this is the best year yet for you!!

kylee said...

ahhhh happy birthday my dear! sure hope you had a lovely day! also, flowers from mexico? melts my heart completely. like my heart is now a puddle of mush because it melted so much.