january is a good month.

started off the new year with Les Mis (for the second time)
cream soda (first carbonation in 7 years, holla)
JB with the sister.

This whole single-digit-above-or-below-Fahrenheit thing that 2013 has going on I AM NOT DIGGING.   Lots of scarves and matching jammie sets up in here.  
The occasional snowshoeing with a great friend and her puppy. 

date time play time. 

new nails, new car,
new parking tickets..............  -_ - 

first onesie-wearing of the new year,
all-you-can-eat-until-you-throw-up-aka-12-rolls sushi,
aaaand the person in the Hum-Ref department is still entertaining me with their art history whiteboard art. Hey, cool person, BE FRIENDS WITH ME I APPRECIATE YOU. 

I've been out for the count with that flu going around Happy Valley. 
Ask me if I slept for 18 hours because yes. 

Europe recaps coming soon?
If you're nice.

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Shelby said...

Looks like such a fun month! Just stumbled across your cute blog! Love it :)