alien language and the Bachelor.

my new guilty pleasure is live puppy cams.
my major makes me write in alien language. it's called ipa. like the beer. 
i like winter. what?
apparently i can go without soda for seven years but cant last a week without sweets.
orem tryin a be stylin like europe. 

now my trashy side is coming out:
the season preview of Sean teary-eyed at the altar, asking "how could she doe this to me?"
why have I not heard more people freaking out about this?
because ! it's ! all ! I ! can ! do ! not ! to ! read ! spoilers!!!!


I'm partial to Lesley, AshLee, and Des, though Catherine's on the rise.
Are we thinking the Tierra-ist is going to pull a Courtney and actually win this thing?....
Sean's my favorite Bach in the history of Bach.
and that would be unfortunate. 

dish, please. 
I need some girl chat about this.


ashlee said...

first off, i'm glad you're coming back to the blogging world!
secondly, bachelor is definitely my guilty pleasure. my hope is that either leslie or catherine come out with the ring. i can't help but try to convince myself that abc is making sean keep tierra. i mean, let's me honest, abc's ratings are going through the roof because of her. if it turns to be a courtney-ben situation i will probably cry and lose a lot of respect for sean. let us all cross our fingers and pray he comes to his senses and gives her the boot.

It Started With a Wink said...

If Sean does not pick Des or at least Lesley, maybe Catherine I am going to smack him because he is stupid!