Happy Birthday, Mr. President (part I)

We took advantage of the three-day weekend and headed to....
for Presidents' Day....
where more fitting than

As Ms. Courtney hashtagged,

It was the best of times.

"Guys, the muddy buddies are almost gone..."

Wyoming is a vast wasteland that we aren't terribly fond of.
Except the jackalopes.
Those can stay.

Desperation led us to hole-in-the-wall Mexican place that only served Pepsi products.
Pretty sure Demarie is still bitter about that.

Lesson learned. Touché, Wyoming. We'll get you back for that one.

Jack, the best DJ on the planet.

Signs of life!!!! We must be out of Wyoming.

^^ Look at Jack's handiwork on that backpack.  A patch from each country we visited together.
Hashtag travelbuddiesforlife.

AAAAAAAAaaannnd 11 hours later (including stops, mind you) we arrived to see the men's faces all nice and toasty from their little night light.

Probs got too addicted to Bananagrams.
Probs not mad about it.

Doing the traditional power stance.

And the unconventional froggin'. 
To be continued.....

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courtneykearns said...

Loving this. All of it. Only wishing I'd thought of going there on vacation for President's Day, too. Brilliant, Paige, darling. BRILLIANT!