GUYZ LIKE WHAT. Flash mobs & old man winter.

Yet another blog post lamenting the tardiness of spring.
Utahns....this gets us every year. Spring has been iffy for as long as I've lived here.
Which is long.
So like why the heck are we still surprised/depressed/outraged every March?

I sort of want to start a revolution on campus against winter...a revolution flash-mob style in the middle of Brigham Square.  

Students dramatically freeze.
The orchestra conveniently located on the side of my peripheral vision begins to play a provoking and heart-stirring score.
Students line up, military style, and march in place,
breaking out into a stunning rendition of "Do You Hear the People Sing."

I can't be the only one that fantasizes about flash mobs.



I was so thrilled with the sunny weather that I dressed only in Easter-approved palettes.


and I'm all like:

And then my nails had to reflect the suffocating depths my soul plunged into.
Dark, I say! Darker, I demand!




Catherine said...

you are SO gorgeous, as usual. love the outfits. i have been wearing my spring outfits regardless of the weather. i have lived in utah all of my life and i'm not surprised when it snows in march, but it just makes me really depressed.

Kari said...

Oh, spring deception. Mother nature's most painful gift. Your outfit selections were winning both times.

Anonymous said...

you are so adorable.