this is pretty much just my telling you that i had my wisdom teeth out.

This is how I've been the last week.
Pretty much cracked out. 
Palatal wisdom teeth? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Thankfully, after I was all out of steam for Lortab-ed letter-writing and WAY out of steam for ESPN (12-year-old male fellow sufferer/ tv-sharer), a friend picked me up and took me out for a foggy canyon drive. Perfect remedy for restlessness. Because you can only watch so much Gossip Girl on your laptop, right?

False. You can always watch more GG on your laptop.


Catherine said...

Palatal wisdom teeth!? Crazy, some girl in my Medical Speech Language Pathology class said she had them though...it sounded more like a bone growth from her description though...I don't know. SO sorry you had to go through that!! Gossip Girl on the laptop makes everything better! Such a guilty pleasure of mine and I'm sad it's over now.

Emily Jane said...

You can always, always, always watch GG. Anytime, anywhere