Do you ever have those days, those weeks where you just feel off? Where you feel like you’re drowning in your life?

Moving + going back to school full time + starting a new job + readjusting from Europe + trying to make friends means that I’m having some of those weeks.

My senior year in high school I did it all. Took 5 AP classes, student government, played the piano, interned, tutored, active in church activities, and went on dates at least twice a week. HOW? But I loved it. I was brilliantly happy and busy as a bee.

But now…I never seem to be able to get it all done.

Go to class
Go to work
Take tasts
Dress well
Look put together
Cook healthfully
Read my scriptures
Go to church
Clean the townhouse
Do the dishes 
Balance and budget money
Apply for internships
Apply for scholarships
Be a thoughtful friend
Be an energetic date
Be a good daughter
Figure out what you’re doing with your life.

You could say I’m struggling, hard-core, to strike a balance between work and play. Between “do now,” or “wait till later.” To find a way to breath and enjoy myself as I chug along.

And this lack of balance means lack of stability.  Mentally.  Emotionally. Up down up down up. Down. 

So today, I’m grateful for the little things people do to help me out.  To keep me on the up. Because really, those are the big things.


                  The random couple that offered me a ride when I was late to class.
                  The friend that called ME after my roommate got engaged. Who checked up on ME.
                  The friend who made me macadamia nut cookies to get me through an intense study session.
                  The friend that knew I was swamped with 4 midterms in 5 days and would space my homework, so did it for me without being asked.

People that help people are cool, you know?

And if you're stressed out, I recommend a good dose of puppy.   (Or these cute cams from Hellogiggles.com)

I've been neglecting this blog as of late, and I seem to be full of empty "I'll do better" promises. BUT I'LL DO BETTER GUYZ.  I want to write, but am having some serious writers block. Suggestions?


Jessica McArthur said...

I feel you Paige! Been stressed to my max lately. Always here if you need to talk or go on a fro-yo run! You have my #! Love ya girl!

XOXO- Jess

Shelby said...

I feel you girl. That is how my past couple weeks have been. I don't really know why, but it's like I can't help but be stressed even though I don't have that much to do. I keep feeling like I am forgetting something even though I know I am not. I hope it passes soon!
P.s- Helloe Giggles is basically the best thing EVER!