cinnamon bears & fall leaves.

last week I was having one of those days.
nothing to snap you out of it like doing a freezing penguin shuffle taking a crisp walk through the November air.

I sat in the leaves 

 then went to the Wilk to people-watch 
something that I find soothing. 
which is probably a bit creepy. Mmm. Oh well.
I love making up stories about each person-- where they're going, what they're thinking, what's stressing them out or giving them that goofy grin.
I bought myself some chocolate-covered cinnamon bears and watched the jujitsu club....a couple with a young child....a frazzled-looking accounting student...and a way too happy Jamba Juice employee. 

Imagine my surprise when I trekked home and found this (Zoe) on my bed after also having a rough day (& then being locked out of her apartment).

So we decided to do what we always do when we're down. We went for sushi with the closest coupon we could find.

This is Zoe. She likes to stereotype.

This November I'm grateful for friends who understand.
all my love.

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